Education and welfare for the forgotten children of East Africa.

The Kivuli Trust (Kivuli meaning ‘shelter’ in kiswahili) has built and operates two hostels for children attending Gilgil Special School – a school specifically for children with mental and physical disabilities located alongside a mainstream neighbouring school.

Our aim is help these ‘forgotten’ children receive specialist education and support within a regular school environment. Interaction with school aged children is essential in encouraging a new generation of understanding and acceptance.

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Kivuli Trust was set up because we believe these children have a rightful place in society. We built the hostels for the children at Gilgil Special School to ensure that they have a future.

Our hostels act as safe havens, providing children with regular meals, proper beds and the care and support that they deserve and thrive upon. We work in partnership with local government who provide the classrooms and specialist teachers.

Our aim is to teach these children essential life skills such as brushing their teeth, cleaning themselves, washing their clothes and performing simple chores about the home. This helps them to become more readily accepted into their families and into their communities.