What does each project cost to build?

The cost of constructing a hostel capable of accommodating 32 children is c. £45,000. The cost of fitting out and furnishing a similar hostel is approximately £10,000 plus £10,000 for a rainwater tank.

What does each project cost to operate?

The annual running cost for each hostel is c. £9,000 and includes water, electricity, gas/charcoal, food, sundries and salaries for the live-in carers and assistants. This is funded jointly by Kivuli Trust, the Kenyan Government, donations and boarding fees. Boarding fees are aligned with boarding schools in the area and are essential in reinforcing the fact that there is value to what is being provided. The fees are waived in exceptional circumstances, for example for orphans or where the family simply cannot afford to pay.

How much does it cost to pay for one child to stay at a hostel?

The annual cost per child is £120 – or £10 per month.

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